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Jamm Master Central

If you Believe you are the Master...then you are...........(Bruce Lee)

Vince (and the Crew)
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This Journal is Moderated by OXOjamm Studio Jamm Masters and Musicians.

Each person uses their own Icons OR must identify themselves OR Both!

If you want a private conversation with somebody you have to do an e-mail thing.

We don't screw around with pretending to be each other, but sometimes we type while the other dictates.

If we add you as a FRIEND we will read your Journal and post regularly. If a reasonable amount of time go's by and you don't post to our journal or this community we are going to figure you for the kind of person that doesn't care and you will be dropped for someone who does. Fair enough? It's like a Jamm session, Right?

Notice: If you are the type of person who is habitually negative or who is always looking for a reason to fail and is not REALLY looking to improve, then perhaps we are not for YOU. We will try to help you, but if you cop an attitude on us?......Laterz....We just have no time for you. This is a place of true seekers of Zen Music Production and Students of the American Jamm Method.

We will tell you honestly what works for us. Take what is useful, combine it with what you already know, and go from there.


I Created a Band called OXOjamm in 1999 in answer to "No American Jamm Method Bands around."

"We lay down Traxx, we don't tear them up.", Is one of our motto's.

OXOjamm provides free training to musicians who want to learn the American Jamm Method which was made famous by Black musicians in New Orleans so long ago, but lost outside of a very few today.

Most people think of a "Jamm Session" as playing loose variations of previously composed music. This is called the "Jam" with one "M". The "Jamm" with 2 "M's" is where new music is composed on the fly with no one really leading throughout. The Groove spins around the room and if someone becomes inspired it may seem as if they are in the "lead" for a while but the transitions of lead and support eventually become UN-noticeable.

Vocals are spit out as they feel and new vocals or vocals that have been previously written down are equally welcome. No one gives anyone "Funny" looks" The Operating System is one of total support and belief in one another.

Sometimes something may come out that strikes people as "Way out" or as a "Mistake". Instead of going against these things we go with them, as we believe that this is the subconscious talking and we have found that it always has something important to say to us...and so we listen.

We don't believe there is such a thing as a mistake. Nor do we believe in Luck. We believe that "Lucky people" Make their own luck by being prepared, and that a great part of this is the courage to hold on until the wisdom of your "Mistakes" shine through and can be acted upon.

Our handbook is called, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do, By Bruce Lee.Jamm
Just substitute the words relating to "Martial art" for Music and you'll be Jammin...No matter what it is that your doing.

We Go out into the World with Firm Aggressiveness to obtain REAL-WORLD experiences that we freshly translate into 4 dimensional Jamms for your Listening pleasure. In Short....."We Bust it!!!"

Me, Masters, Ryan, Pushbutton, Heartworm, Luis, Dr Fun and Gart are all Heterosexual. Leggs likes to make out with other Girls once in a while (and she's really Hot at it) but she does it just to make Dudes horney. Any others that infrequently Jamm with us are on their own...just ask them and they will tell you.

Masters Johnson found me out when my Music teacher asked him to come and hear me. My teacher asked me to play a selection and I asked him to play it first. Then I played while they both watched. Masters exclaimed,"Who u think U be Bool-shitin Boy?"..."This boy Cant read no Goddam Music!" Then, He quietly sat down next to me and played the piece perfectly. I asked, "Mr. Johnson, how did you learn to read music like that?" He replied, "Sheet...I cant read no goddam Music neither...Im jus better than you." We have been Jammin together ever since. He is a holder of 7 Music accolades and is a Dr. of Musicology.

Moses Graves is Masters Brother. He Plays the Horn and he Generally disagrees with his Brother on everything except Music and jambalaya, which they both make to perfection.

I met Leggs in the service. She was in command of a Special Forces Unit that I had a Joint operation with. We worked well together and we still do. Her late Husband, Command Pilot Maj. Riff Lassater, Gave his life so that others could live. She has several degrees in science and engineering and a Doctorate in political science. She plays the Bass and Synth. She is the studio manager and if you ever Diss the Military in her presence, she'll Deck you (and all of us will swear that you walked into a cabinet door).

Ryan was a first class logistics officer in the 2dn special forces group. He is a graduate of the Point. He has a Masters degree in engineering. He Plays Electric, Spanish Guitar and Latin Percussion. He is the Remixing and Mastering Co-coordinator.

Pressbutton is a chemical engineer. He also has a Masters Degree in Philosophy. He Plays Rhythm Guitar and Additional percussion.

Luis is a marketing Expert with degrees in Business management and international business administration. He is our DJ and also does additional electronic percussion.

BurnHeart is a graduate of Full Sail, a recording,remixing and mastering school for audio engineers. He uses the Synth.

Gart is our Studio Preventive Maintenance Engineer. He keeps Star-ship OXOjamm operating at full throttle. He believes that it is much better to fix things before they are broken. We agree.

He keeps saying that he is not very well "Book learned" but I have noticed that he reads everything he gets his hands on, (and our library here at the studio is extensive and covers manifold subjects).
He has what we call "Horse Sense" and is ever trying to improve himself. He was a "Tracked vehicle" driver for me back in the day. After he retired from the Military I hired him. He calls us all "Hippies" because we're "different". He also used to think we ran this studio "Like Horses asses". He seems to think otherwise now and lately, he has been wearing some of my RAD Sunglasses....
Gart can give any of us a run for our money at the pool table and he Plays the Violin like Davy Crockett.

Dr.Fun (AKA: The Brain)
My Family Dr. who although an HONOR GRADUATE from our nations finest medical school JUST HATES the American Medical Association and Denounces so-called "Traditional Medical treatment". He also happens to be one of the best saxophone players in Fla. He Calls himself, "Dr.Fun". I met him in a forward surgical unit back in the day.... He refused to give me Morphine for a bayonet wound and I have been thanking him ever since.

What ever you do, don't get him started on Medical schools...he calls them, "Collages for Crooks, Institutions for those who should be institutionalized". To His credit, I have never had to call on him for treatment. Only to come on over and Jamm. His free advice has kept me healthy and fit to fight. (He shoots one Hell-of-a-Game of Pool, as well.)
Listen to Dr. Fun...He's "THE BRAIN".Jamm
Want to know more?...Start here: http://intraspec.ca/bta.php

There is enough about me elsewhere like on our main website but if you have questions I will answer. Mostly, I have been through a lot of shit but Im the better for it. I'm the Kid who would never walk again and here I am Bustin it up. Thats why I don't take any Bullshit from people...because I been there...done that...and I know better.

I despise so-called "Educated" Types", who although Degree'd are no more than "educated Idiots", lacking common sense or compassion and who have sought out their degrees only so they could feel superior to others. Their so-called "Compassion" is no more than a veil draped over their need to cast "Pity" down to others. Education Without Wisdom = Fool.

In the "Zen" and the "Political" communities there are manifold pretenders and "Internet Thugs" who Miserable and not knowing the way, seek to only confuse and close the doors to those who are close to finding it. Their Modus Operandi is the repeating of Classical Nonsense from so-called "Wise men" who likewise heaped abuse, Physical torment and Mutilation on others, (Including Innocent Children) masked by the concept of "religion" or "Enlightenment". These People cannot stand for someone to be happy so they prowl venues of happiness in search of the UN-initiated.

"Professing themselves to be wise, they become fools." You know who you are. Want to tangle with us? Zen or No Zen...Fool or No fool, We will show you how little you actually know and tear you a new Ass hole in the process. "For this our Blood Runs Cold, Like Nitrogen Bull Spunk." We have had Dozens kicked off of LJ and had 4 of those Convicted in Court with a 100% conviction rate. Nuff said.
Bruce Lee

Our way might not be your way, but our way is to Just be Your Self. Believe in Your self. Believe that if it comes from inside of you it is already perfect. That you are Unique, One of a kind and there will NEVER in the history of the universe be another exactly like you.


Sometimes though, this simplicity actually makes some people Angry. They cannot believe that there is some path that is outside the "No Pain-No Gain" aberrantcy.

And to me:

Nothing but Nothing beats a Real World Adventure with a Tomboy who knows how to tell a good story. I Get along best with "Theater People" and I love satire. GENUINE SEEKERS are my best friends.

Want to Jamm with us? Just send me an e-mail and lets blow the windows out of the place!

Everything Posted in this Journal Or ELSEWHERE by OXOjamm Is the intellectual property and sole Provence of OXOjamm. Copyright as of the Moment posted or earlier. All Rights reserved.

OXOjamm@ gmail.com
Free Music: www.mp3.com.au/OXOjamm
Cool Shit: Http://OXOjamm.Tripod.com

Also we have a Pool table in the studio and so we play a lot of pool.Jamm
If you want to play but don't have the gear, Go here. This rocks and is totally free. http://www.mikesfreegifs.com/games/Pool.html