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Sting Your Blood !!!

I didnt do all this, really....(^>)

Our new track (Just Cleared Copyright)is available for free download for the next few weeks and heres the link!

(Note: The Dis/Battle refered to was an earlier one and not of the recent NY trip.)

Our aniversary CD to which this song has been added can be found here:

Check out our official gear and remember that all proceeds go to Hurricaine relief!

If there is at least one person in your life whom you consider a close friend, and whom you would not have met without the Internet, post this sentence in your journal.

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Singing Soprano Yet? Soon....Soon.


NICKLE TO 2 ½ CENT: Transcription. Audio will be published as soon as it clears Copyright.
Jacked his ass up, really....(^>)
The Scene
“Tha Bomb” Internet Radio for the street scene Freestyle/Hip-Hop-Rap/NYC.

I’m there first because Nickel waited down the street in his Limo for me to go in so he could make a dramatic entrance. My entrance is still More dramatic since I rode in through the front door on My Pocket-Sport-bike.I Acted like a typical Redneck Biker Dude “Damn I neva seen dat shit befo’” Exclaimed the MC. The DJ just Smiled widely for about 10 min. I am only accompanied by two members of My Crew, Ryan and Luis.
Nickel finally comes in with a Crew of about a Dozen. No shirt and sweaty he sports Bling and tries to hide his fear by attempting to look, “Ready to Battle”. He trips over his own Dogged out Shoelaces. Sure it looks dorky but It will save you from making an ass of yourselfThe DJ Snickers under his breath. Everyone else just smirks. His own Crew tries not to notice but some heads shake in disbelief.

The Battle begins with a coin Toss. Heads I win. Collapse )
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Im mean, Back!

Long post to follow after I get re-constituted.

More about Nickle..I mean, 2 and a Half-Cent (Including dialog)Respect this.

Palm Trees on the Jersey Shore.WERE GETTING A LITTLE BEHIND...

The Legend of Tilly.Poor-Poor-Tillie

The Blues Brothers at House of Blues and the Guitar man and Ronda.It was Great....But, ah...well....

Nudge Fuss..It was Great....But, ah...well....

Good to be home,Friends....I missed you.

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In the Zone

Mission Accomplished.

Now that nickle Cent has been wittled down once again we can get back to other more important things.
Good Good People Everywhere, Regoice!
I wonder though, If he diddnt like being called "Nickle cent" in the real world, How is he going to react to being called "Two Cent"?(His own Crew Calles hom that now. Details to follow after I get back Home)

We are having such a freakin Blast!
Good Good People Everywhere, Regoice!

I do miss my LJ Friends Though. I wish you were Here.

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Singing Soprano Yet? Soon....Soon.

Challenge Accepted.

Nickle cent can Kiss my ass
in the county square
and be still aware
that he only fronted this challenge
because he believed in the addage
that there was so much grief
goin on in my life
the death of my Cadets (
right now a reflection of life,
would parylize me
unable to accept....
but he is DEAD WRONG,
I'll Disembowel tha Faggot ass Ho' vet.

I'll jump on o'l Painless right after the viewing Like a fire Burnin...Like the Chain Churnin...Eatin Road like a Monster Do...Ol painless is commin ta get ya boy!
and Im going to do a flamin burnout
Give him a real screwing.
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Freakin Animal
I have been asked to post this in an effort to limit misunderstandings between Full, Associate and New Members.

The Short List.....

Ten Ways To Flame-out of OXOjamm.

Or be reduced in status from Full member to associate member

Or be removed altogether.
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Happy 18th Birthday Ernie!!!

Badd-Ass 5.0 Police Intercepter Engine

In some states you can drink at 18....but how will Ernie find a designated driver?.....(^>)

Thanks for everything Ernie. You pulled us through some tough spots and saved our lives often enough to be called a Hero. Take a bow Bro, You earned it.

Vince and the Crew;
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