OXOjamm Studios will be closed until Further Notice.

Thats Right you Ignorant Crapwads. You Know who you are! Dont Come Around to the Studio Again.
Not Being recovered from our own Hurricane, our Studio still Needs extensive repairs.

Because of this we are suspending our policy of Donating to other Hurricane Relief programs. ANY further proceeds from our performances or sales from our online shops we will use ourselves for this perpose.

OXOjamm Studios will not re-open until 100% of the studio repair work is completed.

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Ho-Ho-Ho'..Merry Freakin Christmas Everybody!!!

"It was the Night before Christmas etc....etc...and so on and so forth.."
Cmon Boyz N Girlz...Something  For Everybody!!!...

Well now I dont have to tell the whole story!

Be Carefull you Peckerwoods! Santa Might be a terrorist in Disguise! Search that Mother anyway!...

If it turns out he's loaded up with guns and ammo?...Dont be quick to judge! Check the Labels first...It might be presents for Me!.....(^>)

Be Cool or be stupid...It's Christmas and Cha-Ka-Chanikka...Chill and dont make a fuss over stupid bullshit. Let um slide...its Once a Year and who knows, when people see how cool U can be....you just might get Lucky!.......(^>)

Yours Very Freakin Truly;

Vince N tha Crew,
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In the Zone

€ ä ® g ä $ ^^ Revisited

Lets Party!
Holy Shit...were actually DOING it!.....

We raised our base price again. This time from 5.000 to 8.000 Smackers. 5 out of 8 venues didnt bat an eye and the 3 left to go havent responded yet. So even if the three remaining dont go for it, we are still making the same mony and we would be doing 3 less gigs a year.

Mony is up front in full and we have the right to cancell if we do not receive it 14 days prior to the gig date, no exceptions. So far this has worked out very well for us.

Basicly, if they cant write a check for that amount and take a chance on loosing it, then they are strictly SMALL TIME, (like the gin mills we used to play in back in the day)

See, they try to book us in advance, hopeing to get the mony later... or are planning on crying the Blues and trying to get us to play and be paid after... (high school bullshit). We said good-bye to that crap a long time ago, So should you.

See, you don't have to sell out or kiss ass in order to make it in the Music bussiness! Get Tough and be Tough! These Assholes you are trying to impress are nothing but small time. The Big Boyz Hand out mony like Christmas candy and they are the ones that will really dig your tunes instead of expecting you to sell booze for them.......(^>)

Waiting on Turkey Coma,
Vince and the crew;
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Fuckin Ay....

Mostly I don't talk about the details of War because with regard to same come the flashbacks. I had an avalanche of them during and after this extraordinary film. Though not my exact genera, Jarhead captures what other war films haven't: The Hell which is in the details.
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Go See Jarhead....and Remember, you aint lived...till you nearly died.


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Feelin like:: Got to ride.
The Speakers Pound:: OXOjamm, Sting Your Blood.

BikeToberFest 2005

I Left at 05:15 in the morning and when I got to the "Nationals" I was greeted by the sight of THIS:
This is the Shit.

Why waste time with timid little shit...I go for the straight dope. These are Bikes worthy of praise and the quest for understanding...
GSXR With Supercharger!.
Hours and Hours, Mabie MONTHS to get this!
Deep Deep Paint.
When you sit on it you feel as if you ARE in the MATRIX!
Look at this Detail.
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I've always said, "Fortune Favors the Brave". I feel honored that I have the company of like minded Dawgs and Dawgettes.....(^>)

Link to Music: http://www.mp3.com.au/PlayASX.ASP?id=80023&Stream=9
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BikeToberFest 2005

Your Fortune Is

Dr. E. Nomas Wang Say: He Who Has Big BALLZ Must put them in between seat and tank before passing "The DUI GanG" at 160 MPH (When they going only 120).

This aint shit.

I need a Freakin Chaperone....More After I recover My head.....(Bitch gave me JD insted of Jim Beam)

Vince.Yeah...Lots Of this but This aint shit neither
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