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We are #1 Over-All !!! Our Latest Tracks..Enjoy!

Thats right, OXOjamm Was Number *1* in the world music Genre For over 3 years and Is still in the Top 40! Our Average is #1 Over-all and With every song reaching the Top 10 at least once, with over 3/4 of our songs reaching #1 at least one time!

(UPDATE) All Shows Sold Out until 2016 EXCEPT our OPEN Jamm Shows which are FIRST ON SITE first in! Email for Location and time.

All Daytona Shows require security clearance or your ticket will be worthless! If you do not complete and return your security clearance paperwork you will not be admitted and your ticket is NON TRANSFERABLE! This is not us doing this..... This is the Sponsor and the rules they set in order to protect the VIP'S in attendance. Dont Bitch about it! Just send the freakin paperwork in and get your clearance! If your clearance is disapproved, you will be given a full refund. (Just make sure you dont have any outstanding warrants, K?)

Some of these Shows have my Backup Drummer (Jack Holiday) performing for me and because of this, I cant even get in my own show unless he cant make it and I have to wind up doing it anyway...Bottom Line: These are serious people and they make you dot your I's and cross your T's and you cant snow them. If we try any funny business then we will loose this gig. So dont feel bad, this is this and it aint nothing else, K?

Until Mp3.Com.Au starts Hosting Music Again, Learn German For Free! Select a date by clicking the Link Below and begin! Auf Wiedersehen!

Enjoy, M8-tz!


Note to Friends and Family: These Shows have VIP's at them and that is the reason for the Security Clearance. Thats right, things have changed. The only performers that are allowed in are the ones that are performing....No "Helpers" no friends and no Family.

Come to our open Jamm Sessions! No Tickets to buy, no security clearance and no dress code! (of course you cant be nekked.....(^>)
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