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WW-2 and the Holocaust Would have never happened.


It has been learned that Adolph Hitler's 1924 application to the Parson's School of Design (Back then, it was called the Chase School)*, was recently approved!

"Welcome incoming freshman!" reads the acceptance letter sent to Hitler's original Bavarian PO Box. "Your years at Parson will be a most challenging and rewarding time and could help you to change the course of history!" The letter's final paragraph notes Hitler has been assigned to the "Yoni Shimelman dormitory."

Representatives from Parson's School of Design stumbled to explain how Hitler's application could have "fallen through the cracks" for most of a century. "The girls in the admissions office are young, bridge and tunnel types," offered one official. "They're all La Vida Loca, you know? Maybe they just didn't recognize the name.....?"

Hitler's drawing and painting skills were well-developed by the time of his application (see his portfolio piece above). Had he been exposed to exciting new cultures throughout europe during his service in the "List Regiment", during the First World War and givin the proper structure and training, it's widely assumed Hitler could have developed into a painter of renown. Instead, his application was lost and after what may have been seen by him as a "Final Rejection", Adolf Hitler then turned toward politics.

"Had we known this one application could have changed the course of history.....", said a Parson spokesman. "But these things happen. Stuff gets lost all the time. For instance, I'm always losing my apartment keys.

"Hey do me a favor," requested a Parson's board member. "If anyone finds out Osama's kids are applying to art school, somebody call and give us a head's up."

This makes you realize how important little oversights are in the great scheme of things. One can only imagine how this might have been seen as another rejection. How history would have been altered if he had arrived in the U.S. as just another art student, found acceptance and worked for an ad agency on Madison ave.

Surly, except for some fine Charles Rutenberg Home Advertisements (For which his style would have been beautifully suited), he would have passed this century virtually UN-noticed and the European war may have been fought against the Soviet Union instead.

I even think he would have progressed as an artist toward fine illustrations like this:

In My view, this ties in with Cho Seung-Hui, his rejection and his personal Holocaust.

* Named after American impressionist painter William Merritt Chase, who led a small group of Progressives who seceded from the Art Students League of New York in search of freer, more dramatic and individual expression. Sounds like our kind of school.
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