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"It was the Night before Christmas etc....etc...and so on and so forth.."
Cmon Boyz N Girlz...Something  For Everybody!!!...

Well now I dont have to tell the whole story!

Be Carefull you Peckerwoods! Santa Might be a terrorist in Disguise! Search that Mother anyway!...

If it turns out he's loaded up with guns and ammo?...Dont be quick to judge! Check the Labels first...It might be presents for Me!.....(^>)

Be Cool or be stupid...It's Christmas and Cha-Ka-Chanikka...Chill and dont make a fuss over stupid bullshit. Let um slide...its Once a Year and who knows, when people see how cool U can be....you just might get Lucky!.......(^>)

Yours Very Freakin Truly;

Vince N tha Crew,
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It's the BOMB, (Pun Intended)!


Dec. 25th, 2005 05:08 pm (UTC)
Lucky,Lucky,Lucky Boy....You are Vincent. Merry Christmas!