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BikeToberFest 2005

I Left at 05:15 in the morning and when I got to the "Nationals" I was greeted by the sight of THIS:
This is the Shit.

Why waste time with timid little shit...I go for the straight dope. These are Bikes worthy of praise and the quest for understanding...
GSXR With Supercharger!.
Hours and Hours, Mabie MONTHS to get this!
Deep Deep Paint.
When you sit on it you feel as if you ARE in the MATRIX!
Look at this Detail.

Many Diff Riders and Bikes..Mixed and Matched...all share the same Hunger...
The Boyz wuz Chompin at the Bit.
Heat enough to meld tire to pavement for a sure launch...
Helped me fix my Brakes.
Just too quick for the eye to follow...decisions made with jet Pilot aplomb!
Leaps off tha Line!.
The desire to win...and what???..The respect of the Clan, Nothing more.
Holdin it down the track for a Last ditch Power try.

Shit...I wanted to stay all Day but I made planz with my Numba 1.Commando from back in the day, Marty (AKA, Wolf) Jaksa and then our Band Gig at the XoR Banquet later on that night.

I told him I was hungry and so he said we should meet at the "Fireside inn", which turned out to be a gin food (But the Music and booze prices were Great.) So, we left and went to some rip off place and ate red stakes and guzzled wiskey.

We went for some rides and picked up some people here and on my YZF 750-R and he on his heritage Springer Special, gunnin it on the interstate and chillin through rich neibourhoods. Shit...what a freakin cool time. We always hoped we'd live long enough to enjoy this shit!
Incredible and Edible.Me Dawg-U-Dawg.Y8ummy Yummy Good for the Tummy.
Yes its so edible it's incredable.
He gets to actually hold them in his hands.O.K. just hold them right there...This one actually was my favorite.
And Did we have a good time???
Whoo-Hoo, Dawg Dont be Greedy....I'll See what I can Dew....

So after the Show we had a little Get know...Home style Crew stuff and then let out for some shit kickin ride time.

We run into the, "DUI Gang"...

"'re Vince-Ditty aint you?....We'll race you back to Tampa..."

Shit...Did the DUI gang really know what they were in for?
How about THIS:
Racetrack experience pays high end dividends on the interstate.
What it looked like when I passed the DUI Gang. Them:120 MPH...Me:164 MPH and then
Things shakin so hard thet the mind has to pilot on its own without me to interfear.
Is what it Looked like through my Windscreen Maintaining 162MPH for 5 Min.
(The Gadget in the middle is a Radar Detector.)

I slowed down to 70 so they could catch up....I signaled them to exit and we all got gas together....then I told them as they fought hard not to look at the ground.

" ARE Fast.....but you need to ride with us once in a while so you can get used to some Uber-Fast speed. We are the only ones that ride like this and so dont be sad that you couldent keep up. It's just that were used to it and haveing the bikes that can do the deal helps too."

(They Had Honda 954's...They sure are cute bikes but...a respectable bike but hardly qualified to go through the worm hole with any degree of safety.)

And so I let them off the hook. Im such a great freakin Dawg......(^>)

Sleepin in my own bed, I thought about the events of the day. I'm one fortunate Mother-Fletcher...but as

I've always said, "Fortune Favors the Brave". I feel honored that I have the company of like minded Dawgs and Dawgettes.....(^>)

Link to Music:
Copyright 2005 Vince Forgione, OXOjamm, All rights reserved.
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