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NICKLE TO 2 ½ CENT: Transcription. Audio will be published as soon as it clears Copyright.
Jacked his ass up, really....(^>)
The Scene
“Tha Bomb” Internet Radio for the street scene Freestyle/Hip-Hop-Rap/NYC.

I’m there first because Nickel waited down the street in his Limo for me to go in so he could make a dramatic entrance. My entrance is still More dramatic since I rode in through the front door on My Pocket-Sport-bike.I Acted like a typical Redneck Biker Dude “Damn I neva seen dat shit befo’” Exclaimed the MC. The DJ just Smiled widely for about 10 min. I am only accompanied by two members of My Crew, Ryan and Luis.
Nickel finally comes in with a Crew of about a Dozen. No shirt and sweaty he sports Bling and tries to hide his fear by attempting to look, “Ready to Battle”. He trips over his own Dogged out Shoelaces. Sure it looks dorky but It will save you from making an ass of yourselfThe DJ Snickers under his breath. Everyone else just smirks. His own Crew tries not to notice but some heads shake in disbelief.

The Battle begins with a coin Toss. Heads I win.
I choose to let him go first since I know he cant really Rap. He Just memorizes and makes it sound good. Unlike Snoop Dog who can make up shit any time any place, this puppy is a pretender. I let him get what he has memorized out….I will have to rhyme off his last Rhyme which I know I can do. Then he will have to rhyme off Mine, which I know he cant.

Each Man Has 15 seconds to Rhyme. If not, he is disqualified. Also he cannot have a pause
longer than 15 seconds. If He fails to rhyme off the last lines of his opponent he is likewise
disqualified. Repeating any part of your opponents last rhyme is also disqualifying. If the opponant who is going first fails to make word in the begining of the second round it is considered a knockout in the first round and so on through the rounds. Likewise any opponant who fails to make word is considered knocked out. If you make word but fail to rhyme or break one of the other rules, then it is a technical knockout.

If both make it to the end of 12 rounds the audience decides who won.

(Nickel begins):

Watch: (Pregnant Pause)
This White dick get torn-apart before the story-starts
til you-all truly are dead,
I'll boot yore head
Till it comes apart
“Ironic?” “litter?” “genius?”(Taken from Vince-Dittys published Rhymes meant to intimidate Him.)
... fuckin newbie vet,
slugs in yo’ head
starting shit....
out write or out battle...
Everyone of you'
all dick Heads will rattle.
Fucking with this Dorks scriptures,
You cunts..
I’m Vicious
I'll crush yo’ division!

On ya own thinking your
still fuckin talented?
It be you who wanted this challenge! (A lie)
but you want a shot at the belt? (What Fucking Belt!)
an you can only talk shit
instead of knockin me out?! (Just Wait, Noob)

Please stop rhymin White Boy !
Cuse I’m a gonna Drown! (Laughs and his Crew Laughs with him)
Please Stick to "Drummin"
Inbred, Grease-Paint Clown!


(Vince-Ditty Retorts instantaneously):

After now
You will speak with a frown.
You’re a Dozen
and yet sixteen of you
can't equal a pound. (Points finger at Nickel and at His Crew)

Ill take the BELT you don’t even have
And beat you with it..
piss on your face
so you can see
who did it!

So stay and Ill whip you
Like a Mango cream pie

Like a Western Porno Star
ill Shoot ya in the eye.

As with Liston your crew will see you
stagger and fall-Boy!

Yeah, I’m “White” as you say
Ill deal you straight Dough-Boy!

Ill whip your ass now or
after tha show-Boy!

You the weak side of Black-Homes
I’m white as some Sno-Cones!

So In these self abuse Tangos
You pretend to be Macho
We See only Mangos

You want to Be MY Bitch?...
this is Street-style Free-style,
Not that stale
written down-shit .

Incoming! (Vince-Ditty MAkes a megaphone out of His hands)

You in need o’ safe Hood-age yo’
If you weren’t so lame-ass
Id deal you Straight Own-age, Bro’

But look at the Tropical Master here, Soooo?’
Street-level Fandango’?
Is it Fred Astair in a Tango’?

Whose Macho?!
Whose Mango?!

I Carnaged
Your Porridged



(Nickles Turn):

(Members of Nickles own crew Shuffle and make visible and audible signs of nervousness and defensiveness. Arms are cross against chests, etc.)

(5 Seconds go by and Nickle opens his mouth but nothing comes out.)

(10 Seconds Pass and the MC Gives him the 5 second warning. He is shaking and trying to speak but the words wont come.)

(13 seconds and members of his crew uncross arms and one blurts out, “motherfucker” under his breath as he heads for the studio door.)

(At the sound of the buzzer Nickle is frozen with his mouth wide open…he has been trying to force words out but to no avail. His crew is deserting him like the Iraqi army.)

(The MC announces Nickle as being disqualified and Vince-Ditty as the winner by Knockout in the first round.)

Nickle, (Sweating Profusely) Bolts for the door, missing his opportunity to explain himself or offer congratulations. He Can be heard yelling the word, “Bullshit” just before the door seals itself.

The MC asks Vince -Ditty how It feels to win against Nickle:

“Well…mind if I have a drink of water?…..Thank you…Well, see It's really not a great victory or anything.

I know it must seem so
but before the show
I got the straight dope
from those in the know,
who paid high prices
and burned midnight oil
and through labor and toil,
With Flashlights under blankets
stood the watches,
and clocked the notches,
like clockwork ORANGE
Fronting the War-Bridge,
in literary fun,
bullet in my gun!”

Thanks Dan!.

MC: You still Cant stop Rhyming can you? … some skillz this Boy..Ha…Ha…It looked to me like you had him locked out, since he can’t repeat parts of your Rhyme but here you just proved he could have still rhymed Orange What would you say makes you able to do battle like this and why did you accept the challenge?

Vince-Ditty: “Well, ahem…I accepted it because the challenge was brought at a time when it was thought that I Couldn’t possibly accept. It was offered when people of his kind were scoping me out and saw lots of Histrionics’ going on in my life.

(People can be heard screaming outside a so-called sound-proof door and we turn to look)

It was a cheap shot and I had to accept it in order to set things right. It seems to me though that I really did overkill because I knew he can’t really Rap and His people Know that I can. …This is why I believe that the Phone call I got telling me that they didn’t expect me to accept”, is true. If I hadn’t accepted or shown, then Nickle would have gotten up some street respect which was/is his current goal….after all, he has everything else EXCEPT street respect and no matter what happened here tonight he’ll still sell Platnumz. So really he only Lost the respect of his so-called Crew…but he’s been acting like a Crew Jumpin Ho’ Anywayz and needs to stick with some people he can depend on.

MC: “You don’t think much of his Crew?”

Vince-Ditty: “I wouldn’t give those cowards the powder to blow them to hell.” They Deserted him like rats leaving a sinking ship. Masters would have called them “House Niggaz”.

MC: “I know what Masters would think, indeed…and so that our audience doesn’t get the wrong impression of Vince-Ditty here, Masters is African American and taught Vince-Ditty as a Youngster….Tell us More about You and Masters Johnson.”

Vince-Ditty:“I can tell you now that he wouldn’t like that African American talk…He uses the word Nigga or Niggas or Black and like that because he is old skool and sees this politically correct stuff as being lame.

I met him when my music teacher asked him to listen to me. He caught me playing by ear and recommended that my parents stop wasting their money on lessons for me. I started jamming with them once a week. We been together on and off ever since.

MC: “Did he teach you how to Rap?”
Vince-Ditty: No, Shakespeare taught me that. He was the first Rap artist. (General talking and background noise in studio.)

It’s true, Go rent the most recent Hamlet movie and you will see what I mean. Plus I have had many Influences like Snoop Dog to aspire to and still I had to work hard at it every day for months."

MC: Would you battle against Snoop?

Vince-Ditty: Well, Honestly I have to say that I would out of sheer Vanity… but I know he is among the best. I admire his Skillz a lot. He is definitely among the best on or off the street. It wouldn’t be a cakewalk like this one was. He really knows his stuff.”

MC: “You really weren’t intimidated by Nickels Platinum scores?”

Vince-Ditty: “No, truly I wasn’t…written down memorized stuff doesn’t phaze me at all because I can make up stuff in my head. Anyone who can is going to have an advantage. The American Jamm Method encourages improvisation, and that’s all I do 24/7.”

MC: “What..Heh..(He is talking to the recording engineer through his headset) I just been told that Nickle whigged out after one of his Crerw called him “2 and a Half Cent” What do you have to say about that?

Vince-Ditty: “2 and a half cent is half of a Nickle and a far cry from 50...But if he gets away from those clowns and starts to apply himself to rhyming in his head on the fly, he will earn the street respect that he wants….and it wont take long…in fact if he wants to, he can come to my studio and ill teach him. Under that façade that they created for him there is a real man wanting to get out. If he can front it up and be real with me Ill friend him and make him into one of the best street Rappers anyone has ever seen! But the Move is his and the rules are strict…the Full-O-Shit Clowns GO! And we work hard every damn day until he can do battle anywhere/anytime/with anyone.”

MC: “Even you?”

Vince-Ditty: “Especially Me!”

MC: Ladies and Gents that was Vince-Ditty from the American Jamm Method Band, OXOjamm, Who just Knocked out “Nickle Cent” now known as “2 and a Half Cent“ and who has so sportsmanlike offered the hand of friendship to same in the spirit of Jammin on. Just Google O-X-O-J-A-M-M and you will find lots of free music and coolness.
Now we will go to Smileys Street clips to hear some of the areas local talent in action.

It was Good to have you here on our show, Vince-Ditty”

Vince-Ditty: "I hope someday to be Black…...I mean, Back…” (Light Laughter in

Vince (Vince-Ditty) Forgione
Copyright 2005 or earlier
All rights reserved.

Next: The Tropics of New Jersey. (No Shit! I kid you wont know it's Jersey!
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