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Challenge Accepted.

Nickle cent can Kiss my ass
in the county square
and be still aware
that he only fronted this challenge
because he believed in the addage
that there was so much grief
goin on in my life
the death of my Cadets (
right now a reflection of life,
would parylize me
unable to accept....
but he is DEAD WRONG,
I'll Disembowel tha Faggot ass Ho' vet.

I'll jump on o'l Painless right after the viewing Like a fire Burnin...Like the Chain Churnin...Eatin Road like a Monster Do...Ol painless is commin ta get ya boy!
and Im going to do a flamin burnout
Give him a real screwing.

Im going to show tha world
that he was/is only a pretender
who reads what others write
and cant even remember
his own discourse
off course/Lame force.

He prides himself for bein
Such a "Cop Killer"
when the cop got killed
by a drunk driver!!!
while he stopped nickle
for stealin tires!!!

Stealin Tires!!!!
What a Punk-ass!
Stole Tires and
Ran Outta-Gas!!!

I may be hard
but I am fair
and so he will get his shot
but after-which his asshairs
and my shoeLaces
will intertwine
punk-ass is mine
and not because he was even a contender
but because I really want to distroy this pretender
Such will end his Hip-Hop adventure.
From What I hear, Your Girlfriend won't notice the differance anyway.

Cause he is the one
who presented his punk ass to me
and so now ill give to him
what he secretly
wants it to be
and in so doing
will rape his ass
like a freight train through parasippany!

Cast to me?!
He's already layin Flat
Like a Motherfuckin Tradgedy!

I Leave on Wed or Thursday
and riding through
like on a Mission from Malcolm-X
and when I get to "The Bomb" (internet Radio station)
Ol'Painless will bust down the door
with our front tire, Michelin-X.
Then after the Dis/Battle event
(Which will be more like a Dis/Embowelment)
Of that pretender
Ill Post Picks,
that is If
after all of this clammer
I dont get thrown in the County slammer.

For exposing a Punk,
no account,
Cant Rap,
Cant even Dap,
Drunk.Go ahead..Get High..It wont do you any good, Punk.
Yours very truly;
P.S. Mary, I bought the fruit. After I get back Ill work on the bowl and pedistal. This is a bowl and pedistal I had from back in the day and Ill add gold leaf to the bottom, Ya think???

(AKA-Flash)Challenge Accepted., Copyright 2005, OXOjamm. All rights reserved.
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