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Freakin Animal
I have been asked to post this in an effort to limit misunderstandings between Full, Associate and New Members.

The Short List.....

Ten Ways To Flame-out of OXOjamm.

Or be reduced in status from Full member to associate member

Or be removed altogether.

1.) Criticizing another’s performance or talent.(That's High-school Bullshit. We don't tolerate it

2.) Being “under the influence” while on duty.(No drugs or alcohol in or on studio property.
If you are Under the influence when you arrive and we catch you, you're finished. If you need to get
High to Get in the zone, then you are not ready for us.)

3.) Revealing OXOjamm’s secrets or technology. This includes any associate members involved with other
bands. Anything done with OXOjamm becomes the sole province of OXOjamm. (We will file a lawsuit
against your ass and trust me, after our lawyer gets through with you, you will think your ass was
the Lincoln tunnel.)

4.) Making derogatory statements about OXOjamm or its members. (This includes making derogatory
statements about yourself. No one here is interested in this type of amateur behavior.)

5.) OXOjamm must be your real job. All other jobs must be considered as support for your involvement in
OXOjamm, not the other way around. If this cannot be, then the most that you can hope for is an
associate membership.)

6.) Don't be your Brother’s keeper. Mind your own business. Live and let Live, Work and let work,
Love and let Love, Jamm and let Jamm.

7.) Failure to meet attendance requirements at Jamm sessions or web-casts can automatically result in
reduction from full membership to associate membership. We are all in this together for the long
haul. It is deceptive not to be up front about your interest in potential involvement with OXOjamm.

8.) Failure to meet attendance requirements for editing and mastering can automatically result in
reduction from full membership to associate membership. Re-mastering and editing is the
responsibility of all full members of OXOjamm and a requirement to receive any monetary

9.) A man cannot serve two masters and a house divided cannot stand. Associate members can be associated
with or join as many bands as they would like. Full members of OXOjamm will have to quit any
additional bands that they are involved with. For Full Members: OXOjamm comes first and foremost.)

10.)Conspiring to remove a member or to conspire to “split the band up” in any way shape or form will be
considered an act of Sabotage and will be cause for immediate removal. Anyone removed will loose
past, present and future benefits, revenues or royalties. No one will ever be so important to OXOjamm
that we will EVER put up with this kind of skullduggery.)

By accepting these rules, I; ____________________ , am indicating that I will make a study of them
so that I may coherently explain them to others.
I will abide by them and be dedicated to them
like a Monk.
Notary Public:


Remember you signed this!
Be dedicated like a Monk.
Be thoughtful to your Brother and Sister Band members.

Vince Forgione,
Copyright 2005 or earlier, Vince Forgione, OXOjamm, all rights reserved.
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