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Zen_Combat Training Server On Line!

Kill them all and Let God Sort them out.

We Have our training server on Line from Fri Night until Mon Morning every weekend...Sooo Join us for some gut ripping Combat!

We believe that each soldier should have the maximum advantage in combat that science can give. Soooo, We play SOF-2 with the same stuff.... you'll see......(^>)

Thats the way of the Future! For all you Soldiers who play SOF-2, check out our Battleground: Look under game type,"Deathmatch" for:
"Bot Test and Tune".

It's "Deathmatch" only and there are always about 8 Commandos in there ready to blow your Balls (Or Overies) to smithereens).

If you don't have SOF-2 Get the demo for free here:;2373

It will have you gurguling Blood clots for Dayz.

Look for "Bad Lieutenant"....(^>)

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