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And out of Death Comes New Life.

My Horses name was Tahoe. I did not train her like other owners trained their horses. Instead I became her friend on equal terms. She liked being with me. One day while watching other riders on horseback she nudged me....I felt that she was saying, "Hay...we can do that!...We can do it better then they can!" We always rode English or Bare-back.
Like a Cool Breeze....

It was never like the respect that the Horseman has for the horse...It was mutual respect. I never forced her to go where she did not want to go. Because of this, she saved both our lives on many occasions. When we went riding we were faster and more agile than anyone else out there...We accomplished feats of daring that would confound the experts. I was offered a Kings Ransom for her many times. I could not sell her any more than I could sell Masters or Leggs or Ryan or Luis or Heartworm or any of my Friends or Loved ones.

One Day, Tahoe..... Died.

From Heaven, She spoke to me in a dream, and Said:

"Take from my Body and make a Guitar.

From my Pelvis and skin, the Body.
From my Leg, the neck.
From my Gut, the strings.

When you play this Guitar, I will come down from heaven to be with you again."


"When the Poet is on the Kings Payroll, His Tongue is in a Jar."
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