Vince (and the Crew) (oxojamm) wrote,
Vince (and the Crew)

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So's Yall Cn Be on Tha Buss....(^>)

Me an tha otha Niggas decided-ed at tha Gangsta Paty dat Y-all needed sum Hep an so's we cumded out wit sum Sof-where ta hep Yall, Woot?

K...Here ta hep ya All make Better Posts On LJ an like Ya-Allz E-Males an all iz this:
Ya Kno...Lettaz-N-Shit..

An ta Make it all Like y-all cn be Like us an Haz least a Duzzin Platnumz an shit THIS:.....
Tha Default Settin Will get Y least a Gold tha Fuss Day

Now...I don wanna here No Mo' Bullshit bout yall bein po' folk No More!

Get Down Wiff dis an at tha Nxt Gangsta Paty U will be Dare wiff Us N Shit!
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