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Yarrrrrrr! It's Gasparilla Time Again Me Heartys!!!


Me Heartys;

The Pirates of the Seven Seas Cordially invite you to join us for Tampa Bays Gasparilla Pirate Invasion.

Present a print out of this post to be admitted into the inner circle where you will be among the Admiralty of the Crew and immune to the normal Hazings, Quests, Harassment, and general abuse heaped upon neophytes. You Must be wearing your Full Pirate Garb.....(See Photo)

This year we have the second largest Float and the 3rd largest ship. Expect to have to help out in a "Supervisory" capacity.

Room and Board will be provided through the weekend by the Pirates of the Seven Seas.

Ready on the Poop Deck!;
Capt.Jack Flash,
Pirates of the Seven Seas:
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