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Ha- - - - - - -Peee-New Year!

Vince was the first three from the other day...!

and heres three more:

And (THE BOMB) two ORIGINAL Steel Drums Just like this Dude is gettin the freak on with..
Not the shit there makin now but from actual used 55 gallon and 25 Gallon Oil drums discarded by the U.S. navy in 1953!
Listen here....(^>)

OK....Now some of you owe me 6! ......(^>)

Hay ...Three Killer New Years partys to go to tonight...One is a jamm method party featuring some of the most talented Jamm method Musicians In Florida, (Tattooed Bleu) at "THE BANK", ( 1919 Central Ave in St. Petersburg Fl.

These are friends of mine and i can tell you they blow the roof off the House every time!

Anyone want to tag along I'll give directions...but Im hittin all three...sooooooooo....Happy New Year and, Let's Ride!!!!

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