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Jesus' Balls.

My Dear Friends;
Verily I say unto you, Just one more Rep.

If anyone had told me that less than a year after starting a live journal on the Internet that I would feel genuine Concern, Affection and Love for people that I have only known through Internet communication, I would have replied with a question: "What, you been smokin that nasty again???"

I would have never believed that I/we could come so close and on so many levels...feeling genuine pain and suffering or Love and joy over trials, tribulations and successes that are only communicated by postings and over which we have no other connection or control.

With regard to this I have found that because of live Journal itself and through it's wonder, we have inadvertently entered into the world of the future. This LJ world which some see as "Unreal" others as "Real" and a third category (including myself) as being "better than real", has provided us with the ability to communicate on a new level hereunto unparalleled in the history of the world......

Because of its manifold impact, I have had the opportunity to see deeper into the workings if my own psyche...and perhaps this has saved my life. As I have read journal entries of others I became impacted with resonate vibes so strong that it was like the parts of a song or a movie that the director would have wanted to convey but at loss as to how to convey it settles for it's platinum rewards.

My very First LJ friend is *yevesilina*. I was looking up information on Bose Speakers to use as studio monitors and the search engine came up with Bose as in Bosey or as Bosy. A word that Yves invented meaning: A cute nudge from a dog involving the application of Nose to recipient to reflect affection.....aka Dog or puppylike Cuteness." I surfed Yves LJ page and related links and spent hours in fascination. The depth and layered wonderment of Yves journal kept me captive.

I made my first post soon afterward to her journal as an anonymous poster but with links to my web page and sighed with my name as I still do. Not long after I found myself getting emotionally involved when someone criticized Yves. I defended Yves as if we had been life long friends.

When my crew read these posts they at first thought I had lost my mind. Getting so involved in an "Internet" thing was just not something anyone would have expected of me, given the fact that: I am the one who set such high standards for conduct concerning e-mail contact by fans from our regular web site.

Then came Mary: (Amicablebitch) who dazzled me with her rainbow of life, translated to web.

And Jeana: Who talked the talk of my dreams and walked the walk of the inheritors.

and many precious others after: who made the flavor of life tried and true pop off the monitor and into this studio, enhancing out creativity and enriching our lives.

The fact is that OXOjamm wouldn't be what it is today without you.

I give thanks to all of you for being alive and for being yourselves and for sharing yourselves with the world. The world would be such a poor Poor place without you. You are the salt of the earth and the richness and fullness thereof. I love you...and though the crew had not posted as often as I have I know they feel at least Kin to Love....I think that the reason they have not been posting as much is because they are afraid of how close they have all come to you.

So, This then Is my closing...and if you truly know me you will know that what I am about to say comes from deep within my heart:

Whether or not you believe that Jesus is the Son of God or not, is Immaterial.
Whether or not you believe in God or not, Is immaterial.
If you believe in God but hate him..that is also immaterial.

The only thing that matters is that Jesus was crucified and died believing that he was doing it for US.
The Manifold records show that at any time he could have saved himself by mearly declaring, "Gee..what was I thinking??? Sorry, Just having a delusion or two". But instead, he remained faithful to the end. He allowed himself to be Nailed to a cross and Hoisted up and mocked and ridiculed:

And that takes Big Balls.

And so...No matter what you believe about God or Jesus....
We can all agree that he had some set of Balls.

And that's why I love him.......and give thanks for him, on this Christmas Day.

All my Love to you, my LJ friends.
May the spirit of Christmas stay with you the whole year round.
May your Balls and Overies always be made of brass...
and may they ever shine like the ones on my Christmas tree!
Primatus Vigorus;
Vince and the Crew;
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