November 20th, 2005

In the Zone

€ ä ® g ä $ ^^ Revisited

Lets Party!
Holy Shit...were actually DOING it!.....

We raised our base price again. This time from 5.000 to 8.000 Smackers. 5 out of 8 venues didnt bat an eye and the 3 left to go havent responded yet. So even if the three remaining dont go for it, we are still making the same mony and we would be doing 3 less gigs a year.

Mony is up front in full and we have the right to cancell if we do not receive it 14 days prior to the gig date, no exceptions. So far this has worked out very well for us.

Basicly, if they cant write a check for that amount and take a chance on loosing it, then they are strictly SMALL TIME, (like the gin mills we used to play in back in the day)

See, they try to book us in advance, hopeing to get the mony later... or are planning on crying the Blues and trying to get us to play and be paid after... (high school bullshit). We said good-bye to that crap a long time ago, So should you.

See, you don't have to sell out or kiss ass in order to make it in the Music bussiness! Get Tough and be Tough! These Assholes you are trying to impress are nothing but small time. The Big Boyz Hand out mony like Christmas candy and they are the ones that will really dig your tunes instead of expecting you to sell booze for them.......(^>)

Waiting on Turkey Coma,
Vince and the crew;
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