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June 28th, 2005

Challenge Accepted.

Nickle cent can Kiss my ass
in the county square
and be still aware
that he only fronted this challenge
because he believed in the addage
that there was so much grief
goin on in my life
the death of my Cadets (http://www.stpetetimes.com/2005/06/25/Northpinellas/Two_cousins_die_when_.shtml)
right now a reflection of life,
would parylize me
unable to accept....
but he is DEAD WRONG,
I'll Disembowel tha Faggot ass Ho' vet.

I'll jump on o'l Painless right after the viewing Like a fire Burnin...Like the Chain Churnin...Eatin Road like a Monster Do...Ol painless is commin ta get ya boy!
and Im going to do a flamin burnout
Give him a real screwing.
Gonna Jack His ass upCollapse )


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