February 7th, 2005


Of Bedridden Boy Heros and poor lost Ronin: London, Part 3

You can't Run From your Self...or your Destiny...
Symbol of Extraordinary Valor
And what should have been a primitively mindless evening of Super bowl MADNESS .Yip-Yip-Yippie!turns into somber reflection....I hear the tapping of a familiar beat, turn from the 70 inch LCD High Definition screen and there he is.

He sits in a raced out wheelchair and he taps out a beat from one of my hit songs. He knows I recognize it and he smiles at me and as I look. He sees that I know that he knows that I know that he Knows that I know.... he turns away shyly and tries to hide the splendor of his victory.

He is a genius and so few of us know it...so very lucky few of us know that it is not the parents or the organizers but HIM and His Brother in arms in London, the other Boy hero un-limited to a wheelchair and sometimes an OXYGEN tent.. Big Ben.They that tap out beats and claps and taps and little gestures that make the signals that make the world go round.(Cut for those who dont like to see things the way they really are).....Collapse )
P.S. Next time you see him or one of his Comrades....remember, He just might be God.

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