December 25th, 2004

Upon A Star

Jesus' Balls.

My Dear Friends;
Verily I say unto you, Just one more Rep.

If anyone had told me that less than a year after starting a live journal on the Internet that I would feel genuine Concern, Affection and Love for people that I have only known through Internet communication, I would have replied with a question: "What, you been smokin that nasty again???"

I would have never believed that I/we could come so close and on so many levels...feeling genuine pain and suffering or Love and joy over trials, tribulations and successes that are only communicated by postings and over which we have no other connection or control.

With regard to this I have found that because of live Journal itself and through it's wonder, we have inadvertently entered into the world of the future. This LJ world which some see as "Unreal" others as "Real" and a third category (including myself) as being "better than real", has provided us with the ability to communicate on a new level hereunto unparalleled in the history of the world......Collapse )
Primatus Vigorus;
Vince and the Crew;
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