October 18th, 2004


The Birthday Boy Returns Intact, (Well, Almost).

What a Birthday weekend!Vince

Before I begin, I need to say thank you to all my Birthday well wishes! You Dudez and
Dudettez got me off to a great start!

Now, this is going to be in two parts. First I will Log all the Physical goings on and then in
a separate post I will Journal the spiritual effects of my watching "Jin-Roh", for the first time.


This is necessary because the impact of this extraordinary film requires much space and
compared to the other experiences has already had manifold repercussions and positive
effects. Needless to say, I have found it to be the film that has set the pace for all future
films of ANY KIND, not just Anime...and that it will set a Research and developmental Bench-Mark for all films of consequence to come.

That said: Here is the LJ Cut for part #1.Collapse )
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