October 6th, 2004



We are getting ready to go to Biketoberfest Vince in Daytona Fl. (October 21-24, 2004)

The Crotch Rockets are preped and ready. I have a new rear tire on mine and the new xOr(TM)VinceJet fuel delivery System. We will be stopping by HOOTERS (TM) on the way to pick up the girls. We have a Photo op where the girls will be posing with us and on the bikes themselvesVince for promotional purposes. Hooters has always been a great supporter of our "Safety" program. See, If you are going to ride your bike at 167 MPH, you should always wear full Safety gear...Helmut, Gloves, Ballistic jacket and Pants, Boots, and Eye Protection.Vince

We will be having a signing of our Aniversary CD Vince http://www.cafepress.com/oxojamm
and we will be performing at the Daytona Speedway for the xOr (TM) "Team-X-Streem".

We had a "Beauty Contest" in the studio kitchen the other night, the Girls modeling some of the gear from our online store....Vince Which one do you like, L or R ???

For More Biketoberfest and Hooters Photos Vince go to our main Website here: http://oxojamm.tripod.com/

Current Music link: http://www.mp3.com.au/PlayASX.ASP?id=80023&Stream=96&File=Test.asx

Vince, (AKA Flash22)
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