September 28th, 2004


Well, the Tsunami has arrived....No freakin Shit.

Some People Just can't take No for an answer. The Dude from "Capital Records" smells opportunity in the form of storm damage. This is his third time back.


And he wont go away........

The title of this animation is, "No Agents".

P.S. I know what the WAVE is.
I know who Mars Tajemm is.
I Know what was written on the Chalk-board.
I know who wrote it.
and I know why nobody DIED but me.

...what was before "through a glass, but darkly"...Now as sharp as diamond Bullet.
"I got to go there by Slam Dunk
It's not my option to Ram-Punk,
For this, My blood runs cold
like Nitrogen Bull Spunk."

The answers commin up next......(^>)
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