September 15th, 2004


Ivan Be Damned!


Your Hurricane Party by linea_aspera
Brings the Polish Vodka151starsoflove
Gets blown away by the stormstrange_victory
Passes out on the battery-powered radioixwin
Shows up by surprisebaranoouji
Lying in the gutter eating tootsie rollswillow_red
Has red-ant bites all over their arsejourdannex
Is beating on their buddies with a baseball batamicablebitch
Playing poker, this person...smack_you_dead
...takes this person's money and pocket watchrathenar
Inches of Rain20
Percentage of Roof Missing: 84%
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I will Make a Heaven of Hell....and a Hell of Heaven.


Democrats, Anyone who Likes Writing Tickets
Circle I Limbo (The Not so Bad Level Of HELL): Forced to watch others have fun

Circle II: Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind while being raped by a freight-train

Circle III:In Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow Made to see the damage they have done to the world because of their Thinly Disguised Communist clap-trap

EX KGB Advisors
Circle IV: While Rolling Weights Must face their Victims

Pill Pusing Medical Doctors (Not all MD's)
Circle V: Stuck in Mud, Mangled / made to face their Victims

River Styx

Anti Gun Activists
Circle VI: Naked in a pit, being chased by demons cracking Bullwhips on their sorry asses

River Phlegyas

Comintern Agents
Circle VII: Burning Sands / Made to face the trueth

Saddam Hussein
Circle IIX: Immersed in Excrement / Upside down every other day

Osama bin Laden, Child Molesters, Bill Clinton
Circle IX (The Final and Worst Level of HELL): Having each other for company is punishment enough

Design your own hell

Thanks To: bondageseraphim
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