August 10th, 2004


It's Not about Pussy...It's about MONKEY!!!

The Burning Monkeys are HERE...they are WATCHING you from the JUNGLE...they are RESTLESS...and any moment they will ATTACK! (Because it's Not about PUSSY......It's about MONKEY!!!)

And so...this 15 year old is sitting in a pile of candy bars and is eating one after another, one after another...and this middle aged Man comes over and says, " Hay Kid!...You keep eatin all them candy bars you Gonna Die!!!"... The Kid replys, "My Grandpa Lived to be 90." and the Man, Surpprised replied, "By eatin Lots of candy bars???"...the Kid stands up and with a snicker pulls a Zip Gunn out of his pocket. " No...By Minding his own Mutha_Fukin Bussiness!!!"

This Dude says to my Brother, "Hay man...what do you think is the worst fruit or veggie that makes you cry?... My Bro answers, "Oh shit thats easy, an Onion... The Dude retorts, "Shit, I guess YOU never got hit in the BALLS by a GRAPEFRUIT!!!"

Teen age Dude was in the shower with a 90 year old Woman when she had a heart attack. The Judge asked him, "Son,...I would think a smart Boy like you would have known better... Why would you take a 90 year old woman in the shower with you? "Cause, Your Honor...In the shower, she looked 80."
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