August 5th, 2004


The Drum Line.

"Just like a fool"...I won a few auctions on some marching drums on E-Bay........
Well....Let's not use the term "Won" has a positive connotation that is inappropriate for
this posting. Let's just say I wound up having to pay for some items that were listed by
Saddam Hussains Minister of propaganda or some such other professional Bullshiter.

To say the least they were not in the condition expected, but so cleverly worded were the
buy Lines that I could never make a case. These two drums,(From different sellers) were
made up of broken parts from different drums.

Although the shells are Ludwig and of good quality, the one was seriously warped. Being
motivated by sheet spite, I reconditioned them (Recovered and polished as well) and now
they sit proudly on my Pooltable.

These are for the street Pirate Caribbean Roving Band we are now putting together for
The "Gasparilla" Pirate Invasion which launches in Tampa Fl. the Feb of each year.

If anyone is interested you are welcome to Join us for a rollicking day of Pirate Mischief
and mayhem.

You can bring your own instrument, any kind will do...from a Tambourine to a tuba. You
don't have to know how to play...Just make some Noise with will be fine, I assure

If you don't have anything, I have been ardently buying all kinds of stuff, harmonicas,
Xylophones drums and things I'm afraid I just don't know the name of.

You must However, be in a Pirate or Pirate "Vavendeay" (?Spelling? ) Costume of some
Kind. The Crew is fully egalitarian for men Women and Gender Neutral persons.

If interested please contact me here or by e-mail. This is a real chance to meet thousands of
new people. It is largely attended by 100.000 people or more. And seeing the 3 masted,
"Jose Gaspar" sail into Tampa with its flotilla is a sight you will never forget.

First come first serve on the limited accommodations here at the studio, but rooms are
available in my humble town plenty Cheap.

So do a Google On "Gasparilla" and then let Us Know. Because:

"Jose Gaspar was a good Ol' Man,
He jumped off the ship with his Sword in his hand,
And Said,"Scuse Me Lady...Im Doin My Duty,
Surrender the town,
And Give me your Booty!.....(^>)

Dinner A La Cisco

Tonight Im having "Chicken Ah La Cisco,(Made by Cisco,Himself)
You take some chicken and put it in a bowl and marinate with Ciscos Revolutionary table Sauce for a few hours. Then put it in a baking pan and whatever juices are left in the bowl add some of ashfe's pancake mix. Pour it over the top of the chicken. Then bake at 350 until dark golden brown.

Makes it taste just like chicken.

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Masters Johnson.

Masters Came over for a while to look at the new instruments Drum (Masters Johnson, Himself)
and started the conversation with, "What in the hell you wastin your time on Now?.."

He really dug the new Sound they make though.

He tried my Paintball gun Delta68
out on the lake. He exclaimed, "Damn, need to put you some GLASS Balls in here case somebody Phuck wit you."...." mean they was Glass Balls in there?...Oh.....Heh...Heh."

Then we talked about the Gasparilla some.He re-iterated,"You jus let everybody do what they want and have some's Just a big Jamm session anyways."

And Jammin is what we do, eh Masters?


Gig in NYC

Phone Just rang and it was Ryan,(Ryan Reoso,Himself) telling me We got another private gig in NYC this October.

These Private partys pay shitloads of Money and we get paid to jamm and Nothing else.

It's Like an ice sculpture.Awesome and origional...and it melts.

Like a Gourmet meal..a work of art thats expendable. (Meant to be Consumed.)

Like the breath between two Lovers,(It's swirling density Meant to be Breathed Deep)

We have to Jamm, (Thats what we do/all we do, anyways) And we cant even do our own Covers....Fresh new Jamm Method songs only.

We have had nothing but good vibes from these gigs.

We will record though and share.

Looks like were NOT going to Burning Man BurningMan this year.

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