August 3rd, 2004


Jamm On Brother-Solid!

A Friend of mine Whom I call "Solid", reveled to me last night (at about 2 in the morning), that he had always wanted to play the Guitar like his Daddy did back in the day.
I asked him why he never tried it...

He answered that he just never had the time...didn't even have the time to wipe his own ass, let alone learn the guitar..and that he was,"Too Old."

Well...I explained that every person needs that quiet time to themselves...It's something you have to fight for...sacrifice for...mabie even Die a little for it.

I told him thats why I keep fresh reading material in the W.C. My time is defiantly my own in there....a kind of sanctuary. Catching up on my reading was a real problem before as my time away from the studio and my music was very limited. Now I can make music and read at the same time and thanks to those Miracles of Modern Science called "Air fresheners", I don't have to "Die" a little for it.........(^>)

I suggested that he purchase a student electric guitar from Child world that has a built in Pig-nose and headphones for privacy. A Fender Stratocaster Copy, they are made very well in Korea and retail for about $79.00 US. and comes with instructions (lesson Book) and everything to start you off and Jamming.

He could keep it at work in his locker and learn to play it during his lunchtime and that his being "Too OLD" was pure Nonsense.

(Too Bad the W.C. STALLS at his Job simply will not accommodate the Guitar in a position comfortable for playing, for that would have increased his practice time by at least 33 percent. Of course I need not mention the aforementioned possibilities for accompaniment.)

If there is anyone out there that always wanted to learn an instrument, I hope this helps.

The world needs more Musicians and Jamm-Masters.

Jamm On Solid! (air freshener, Mandatory.)

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