July 21st, 2004


(no subject)

Linda came over today and helped me,"Clean up my Life".

If you were going to mars and were allowed to bring:

One Book.
One Magazine.
One CD.
One DVD.
One Videotape.
One Video game or PC game.
One Nick Nack or Keepsake.
One Photo.
One Board Game.
One Outfit of clothing. (Head to toe)
One Pet.(past or present)
One Candy.
One Booze.

My Answers:

National Lampoon.
OXOjamm/Bust it.
Apocalypse Now /Redux.
Woodstock/directors cut.
Quake 3 Arena.
My Officers Sword
My Family group Photo
My Mess Dress Uniform
Shep. (Australian Blue Merl)
Dots /Tropical flavors.
Jack Daniels.

Your Answers?